Premium Car Body repairs

Luxury car body repair prices are 40% less compared to authorized Service centers, you will get all range of Premium Cars perfect quality works and painting

Nithiya Motors proudly offers state-of-the-art repair paint and refinishing services for Luxury cars

We guarantee your satisfaction on all the work that we deliver, including mechanic, body work, storage and towing, paint/refinish and polishing. Nithiya Motors will provide you with worry-free care that will keep you on road looking great.

We Paint/refinish/polish team members use environmentally friendly paint that looks great and doesn't contaminate the atmosphere. Color matching perfection is achieved by following our precision color achieving process. Our precise computerized formula uses the exact amount color to match a small dent or an entire corner panel.

Nithiya Motors Premium paint Center achieves will be exactly the same shade as the rest of the vehicle. Our color matching technology includes the use of climate controlled paint booths in our refinishing facility.

Blending is an art that is used by spraying a small amount of color onto the adjacent panels to create a perfect flow of color. The uniform appearance is finished with a clear protective coat that refinishes the surface. Polish leaves a new car shine that glistens and glows.

The sun can cause serious damage over time to the color and sheen of a vehicle. If at all possible make sure your car is parked under a garage or carport or a tree without sap. If that isn't normally available to you, a good car cover of cloth or a synthetic material will still work to keep those UV rays far away.

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