Car Painting/Body Repair

New finish your car with Nithiya Motors

Has your car got dents and scratchesneedto be repair?

Get body repair work without replacing to get perfect finish

Body repairs

Our body work at Nithiya motors car body repair service Bengaluru saves upto 40%less as compared to other service centers. Don’t worry about minor scratches at your car body or major damages, we will bring back it to you in a beautiful shape and Glam up like brand new car. If your panel is damaged greatly, don’t worry about that, we’ll repair it and make it brand new in less cost.

How Nithiya Motors carried out painting process

  • Our body workshops with fully specialized dent repair machines and experienced workmanship.
  • Your car painting does at dust proof paint booths which gives your car best quality, all paint mixed by in-house painting systems.
  • We used only OEM product from body filler, putty, primer and paint DuPont, Asian & Nippon those approved by car manufacturer.
  • Nithiya Motors give you assurance of -1 year warranty those paint defects
  • Nithiya Motors recognized certified for repair facility any brands and any damages of cars
  • Free Pickup and Drop
  • Full body painting with minor scratches and dents at economical cost, we satisfied more than 267 customers for full body painting
Car Repair Services Bengaluru

Car Accident Repair

We are expert in car accident repair services, our experienced technicians at Nithiya motors car accident service Bengaluru, work with high quality equipments and accident car care tools and bring your car back to you with factory finish.

We take guarantee that you will satisfy on all the work that we deliver, including mechanic, body work, storage and towing,

Color Change painting

Nithiya Motors using all OEM paint protection product for your loved color for your loved car

Wheel RIM, Wheel Discs, Calibers Painting

We are specialized in Wheel RIM, Wheel Discs, Calibers Painting process

Insurance Claims

We have tie up with insurance companies for cash less tie ups Nithiya Motors provide the best repair and makeover for your car during your time of distress. While your car is in our care, we will take care of your car personally and assist you with the insurance claims after service by providing the required documents. Book through online with Nithiya Motors we will help you with the best services. We follow dealer recommended repair procedures and work with all insurance companies Avoid the typically quick and sloppy repairs provided by an insurance “recommended” body shop
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